About the Disability Culture Club

The Disability Culture Club was founded to spread disability culture and disability history throughout the UMass community. We aim to promote awareness of what "disability" means as a lived experience, as a social identity, and as a vibrant group with a shared heritage. Most of all, we aim to support our members and the disability community as a whole through fun activities and social events. To anyone who comes to us, we want to say: you are not alone!

At the Disability Culture Club, we welcome everyone. Whether you have a disability or not, whether you're an ally or just curious about this "disability culture" thing, we'd love for you to swing by! Our primary commitment, besides having a good time, is just to keep our club safe for everyone who can benefit from membership in the disability community. That means:

We're here to celebrate all brains and all bodies. We're here to celebrate the diversity of human experience. We won't be assimilated, and we won't tolerate pity. Come party with us.

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